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Get to Know Us

We are passionate about helping homeowners jumpstart their renovation with confidence and clarity. Having supported clients through hundreds of projects and having gone through many renovations of our own, we know how confusing the renovation process can be. We want to disrupt the renovation industry and put homeowners in control. Our process will guide you through every step to make your dream a reality.

Megan McMurray

Megan is a structural engineer and building sciences professional with over 16 years of renovation experience. Her love for project management, design and Toronto architecture brought her to the home renovation market. Having managed her own reno projects, she knows the gaps and pitfalls most homeowners and contractors fall into and wants to change the way the home renovation industry works one project at a time.


Melanie Ingster

Melanie is a Project and Operations Manager to her core, and comes with 20 years experience in complex projects, including running a General Contracting business in Toronto. Melanie's goal is to create positive renovations experiences for her clients. She believes that honest, timely communication, leads to win-win scenarios for both homeowners and contractors. Melanie operates with the flexibility and creativity required to meet her clients’ needs. To her, every home is special, every renovation is exciting and her teams will work tirelessly to bring renovation satisfaction. 

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