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Our Projects

We are passionate about every project we work on. Whether it's one room or a whole home, we are ready to help you get started. Check our some of our current projects and reach out to learn more about how we can help you.

Roncesvalles Townhouse - Deena and Laura

Deena and Laura purchased a narrow row-house built is 1895, in one of Toronto's oldest and wonkiest neighbourhoods. They wanted to lower the basement, add a three-level extension on the back of the house and they needed help navigating the permitting process. Deena found a contractor in our network who was aligned with their values and they retained us for ongoing, experienced guidance and advocacy for their project. Beyond scoping, budgeting and permitting for this project, we have been navigating engineering solutions to real-time construction issues in this old part of town. 

Parkdale Extension - Brock and Erin

Brock and Erin's renovation and extension was designed by the architect of the original renovation on this home, some 30 years prior. This historical and complex renovation includes a spectacular kitchen remodel and a basement underpinning which will bring unprecedented light into the expanded basement through custom engineered window systems and 12' ceilings. Our role is to ensure the homeowner's vision is realized while addressing the realities of a 100+ year old home.

Little Portugal Duplex - Brad

Brad is converting his Little Portugal semi into a legal duplex with two well-appointed apartments. He needed help with plans and permits and finding the right contractor for his project. We worked with Brad and his selected contractor to coordinate, drive the schedule, manage changes and pick the finishes and material for this rental property. With us leading coordination on this project, Brad can focus on his career, while his income property is being built in the background. Stay tuned as this project nears completion.

Port Union Addition - James

James is working with one of our design partners on an adorable and funky mid-century extension to his Scarborough home. We have been following the evolution of the design and tracking the permit issuance as James prepares to go to construction with one of the superstar contractors on our network. 

Lakeshore 2nd Storey - Cole and Justine

Cole and Justine are experienced renovators, but had put some plans on hold until after the pandemic. When it came time to renovate the second storey of their waterfront condo, they needed a new contractor and they wanted some help managing the execution of the project. We helped them transform their dated 90s washroom as well as one of the bedrooms into an open and sunny space, for their plants and piano.

Downtown Condo Refresh - Karly and Darrell

Karly and Darrell have been living in their 2-level condo in downtown Toronto for 9 years. They had been dreaming of this reno for eons by the time they reached out to us. Karly already had an esthetic planned out and we helped them understand their project costs. We worked out a detailed scope including every invisible item that needed to be accomplished and then we helped them find the right contractor for the job. We think this project turned out amazing. Great job Karly and Darrell! 

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